badge of honor

September 9, 2016
By Anonymous

i was once asked if i was embarrassed by my stretch marks,

why would i be ashamed of something that shows just how human i am? 

that shows how i have lived and breathed and fought through something?

that shows that i made it out of the thing that put them there in the first place? 

so no,

i am not "embarrassed" 

The author's comments:

i decided to write about my stretch marks after being asked constantly about them. if i wasn't pregnant, then why were they there? 


i actually got stretch marks during a small weight gain that happened during puberty. people often associate stretch marks with only having children and shame you if you have them. especially for teenagers, they think it's abnormal and want you to cover them up, i however don't want this to be the case. my marks are something i'm actually proud of and i want others to not have to be ashamed of them like i was for a long time. 

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