September 9, 2016

Don't call me beautiful,
if you've only seen my body.
Don't call me bright,
if you've never seen my mind.
Don't call me perfect,
if you've never seen my soul.
Don't think I'm happy,
if you've seen me smile.
So don't call me beautiful,
for you haven't seen the scars buried deep in my body.
So don't call me bright,
for you've never been in my darkness of a mind.
So don't call me perfect,
for you have not seen the sadness in my soul.
So don't think i'm happy,
if you've never been behind my smile.
But...if you've seen,
the scares buried deep in my body,
the darkness of my mind,
the sadness of my soul,
and been behind my smile,

              ...please come here...
                      ...I need you to hold me...

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