How I've Missed you

September 9, 2016
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How Was it? How did it feel? Now that you have left and turned everything to dust. Was it everything you wanted? You said that you were done, so why are you running through my mind like familiar melody? My head hurts and my heart aches, when I’m with you I could never see straight. I remember the days when I would stay out with you half past late. Raindrops and snowflakes fall, but learned how to slow the clock, even make my heart stop. You kept me floating almost as if I was free falling. Your words are like music they either keep me up at night or rock me to sleep. Cover me with your embrace, hold me with your words and protect me with your love. At night I wonder; Am I crazy? Lonely? Jealous? Possibly even stupid? But no it can’t be, because when I look into your eyes I smile and thank cupid. For all the good timed and especially the bad. The nights that tested me and almost broke me; the day that gave me time to reminisce and to think. About the day when the when the rain started to pour and you appeared outside my door and told me you were sorry. I looked into your eyes and looked through you into your heart and saw that you were hurting as much as I was. So I kissed your cold rain masked face. And once again I was covered by your embrace, lulled by your words, and protected by your love.
“Oh how I’ve missed you my love”

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