Prison Walls and School Halls

September 9, 2016
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School is a prison filled with trapped creativity and crushed hopes
The pressure twists our souls and destroys our individuality
We struggle to conform and to force ourselves into a cookie cutter personality
We are shamed for our bodies, and shamed for our hearts
We separate ourselves, so we know who to hate
Who in this system is to blame?
The teachers? The kids? The world we live in?
We load onto busses like a convict to trial
We are forced into rooms, barely large enough for 10 let alone 33
The food is grotesque and the bathrooms unkempt
The halls fill with distress
We are forced to sit quietly and take the shame
Take the criticism and the glares
Our crime is unknown, yet you  scream at us still
You claim we care only about ourselves
You claim we are selfish for not appreciating this “gift”
But what kind of gift makes us starve ourselves and slice our wrists
What blessing makes us turn against our friends and ask why we are broken
This gift is a curse, breaking us slowly
And you wonder why kids are disappearing
We hunt ourselves to extinction
Yes school is a prison, slowly destroying us

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