I Matter

September 9, 2016

Good intentions sow useless euphemisms that justify my exsistence, 

Arm latched around my shoulder, repeating all my commendable achievements, 

Though a fool, I'm perplexed by your persistence, 

The feeding tube of the amarnthine universes fib, 

Pumped down your throat as fixedly as around your throat a bib, 

A space is saved within the vast overpopulation, 

For you, infeasable, but likeminded throughout time, 

This is found justified in each generation as "creation",

A loving God has plucked you like a rose out of a garden,

A garden stretching and gorged across the belly of nascency, 

And of your insatiable gluttony and lust, pardoned, 

Because you matter! 

The only worriment is

You don't. 

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