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September 8, 2016
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Sleepover galore

That's what was written on the door
The only room left, the door, covered, in red

Only one bed
One pan
One blanket
One thief

One dead body
The next morning
One still left to see

Two check in
One stromy stromy night
One room left
One room that's a fright

Scratches and blood
Painted over on the walls
Last tentans present were
Two sleeping bags stuffed in a wall

Flesh and blood seeping out of the wall

One skull
One hand
One foot
Found on the floor

One knife
One gun shot
One more body on the floor

One more scream and one more shreek
One more worried knock on the door

All the other rooms
A sleepy sleepy night
Not another scream herd
Not another person seen, leaving the scene

All and all
Through and out
For the room named sleepover galore
Had 502 names carved into
The door 
Waxed over in red
And one bed
Soaked in red

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