A Sea of Bodies

September 8, 2016
By csumner SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
csumner SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

Bones underneath the sidewalk streets

From Amsterdam to Paris wasn't it such a week
For the news went around, and all through the town
More and more bodies were soon to be found

Crippling pictures soon emerged
Then a killer started to become heard
He was lurking around waiting to grow

Grow the numbers of bones and goodbyes
He ran so fast it was just like a bird going by
Authorities couldn't catch him
Redundant officers they'd say
Couldn't catch a killer from four feet away

Soon after 2,003 bodies were found
Not one left in a small village town

The U.N. started asking what has justice come to be
For 2,000 and 3,000 have piled up from new York to the sea

A sea of bodies
That was the new name
For all it was a bridge that was part of the game
A free ocean crossing that would take days and days
No passports no checkpoints no harassment for days

A short paradise getaway
No news no counts of the bodies that were being laid

They finally found him
A skilled hitman they said
Then soon sentenced to guilty
No plea was to read
Stoned to death was the verdict order

As the tides turn and the wind blows
More bodies float to the top
Bodies and bodies that have never stopped

The author's comments:

This piece can talk about what can happen in this world. It can also show that crime and violence are everywhere and it inevitable. 

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