Buffalo Creek

September 8, 2016
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Down underneath

The bridge at Buffalo Creek
One person came to seek

A secret club
With money riches and gold
That was so ever bold

For no one knew the tale
For it was so old

It was
Covered up
The bridge
At Buffalo Creek

A game a club a tale it was
For only the powerful knew what it was
Tis a lie, slander they'd say

But that one person
Down underneath
The bridge at Buffalo Creek
Knew the things to seek

He lead a charge up buffalo creek to
To find a conspiracy
From cheek to cheek the truth would soon leak
To the money man who controlled the game

The money man who they then slain
For back and forth through the courts

All that remainded
Was a name
P. R. Waldon
That was it

For he had seen the under beings
Under the bridge at Buffalo Creek
Chained, locked, and shackled they said
Riots and protest rang out around that day
For it was a shame some would say
Some said slander
Some said Here say

Some said hang him
Some said let him stay

Gavels rang out
And the chants stayed loud

For P. R. Waldon
Was soon to be found

Escaped from prison
The headlines read
Found prison keys underneath his bed

For P. R. Waldon
He wasn't quite meek
He didn't seek a way leak
Leak the truth or a lie some would say

P. R. Waldon
For they soon found
Hiding on a train
To buffalo creek

Before the door was shut and sealed
One last sweep
Of the plot they did
For a new thing found

All around the news rang out
There's now a sign that reads

“Down underneath
The bridge here at Buffalo Creek
402 dead
Not anyone left to speak
The horror seen at Buffalo Creek”

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