Can't Forget You

September 8, 2016
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I can't forget you

You're always on my mind


Are you thinking about me?

Because I'm thinking about you


You drive me crazy,

But a good kind of crazy


I still can't forget you

Because I love you


The day I fell in love with you

Is the day you became my everything


You're different

I love that you're different


You've always been here for me

And I'll always be here for you


You make me smile

You plain up make me happy


I can't forget you

I never will


You've been mine since the start

I just didn't kknow it


I can't explain my feelings well

But I know that I can't forget you


You're always in my head

Always my dear


The last time I saw you

I replay that all the time


I miss you

And I love you


But at the end of the day

I can't forget you

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