Loving A Man Of Darkness

September 7, 2016
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When I saw you, so dark and monstrous, against the bright beauty of the spring, I felt my heart skip a beat.
There you were tempting me with darkness, not realizing that I myself had a similar essence.
You spoke, I didn't care about the words, it was your voice, deep and filled with sadness.
I needed it.
I craved it.
You looked at me with wonder.
As if you had never seen someone like me.
Someone bright and glowing, but with a spark of danger in her eye.
I never tasted sin, but when I left with you, I learned it tasted like pomegranates.
You filled my heart, with love and misery.
I loved you and your kingdom of despair.
I felt more at home there than I ever felt above.
You called me your flower, the only thing that bloomed in your life.
Well, sir, you are my dark prince.
The man who covered me in silky darkness.
You offered me this tantalizing lifestyle, knowing quite well that our souls suited each other.
You complete me, just as I, the princess of light, complete that empty, cynical heart of yours.
With the taste of pomegranates on my tongue, I fell in love with a shadow.
I am forever yours and you my dear, are forever mine. 

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