My Angel

September 7, 2016
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I saw a man
His eyes were a honey-brown
Warm, gooey
His hair fell gently across his forehead
Each chestnut strand resting
Soft, perfect
His nose and mouth
Surrounded by a stubble of hair
Fell in line with each other
Messily, but beautifully
This man
An angel
I found him on the train
A woman by his side
And she
As beautiful as a flower
Blooming in the snowy ground of Germany
She smiled
Lit up the whole train
The beauty of her being
Held a certain piece of the angel's heart
He was happy.

I saw a man
His eyes were an opaque, darkened brown, boring into me
They held a certain pain
A lost look
They once owned a warm heart
A friendly face
But no longer could claim either
His cheeks were drained of colour
Sunken, skeletal
His body held a similar appearance
The way the wrinkles in his face
Creased and sagged
Told me a story, a brutal truth
The darkened angel
Once upon a time
Loved someone
I remember, last January
When I was that beauty on the train
I had stolen a certain piece of his heart
But I grew a set of wings, and I left
Taking that piece with me
You then realized
Nothing beautiful can last
Nothing you love will stay
My sweet, sweet angel
You are broken.

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