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A Different Reality

1 day,
24 hours,
1440 minutes,
86400 seconds.
7 billion people living their separate lives.
Millions die and millions are born.
Epidemics strike and cures are found.
Tragedy and miracles become inspiration.
Wars rage on relentlessly,
And kindness and compassion change lives forever.
But none of this matters one bit to me,
For that world is not my reality.
My world is a place
Where one mind becomes many,
And many minds blur into one;
Where the world of dreams
Projects itself into daily life,
And most often than not,
They are of the sickest, most gruesome and twisted variety,
The kind that would crumble even the most resilient of minds.
My world is a place
Where cold-blooded killers run rampant without remorse
And people are mercilessly slain by the ones they trust the most.
You may call it insanity of the highest degree,
And you may say this world isn't even real.
But to me, it is your world that is fake.
This is the only world I know.
This is my reality.

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