what is worth fighting for

September 6, 2016
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This goes out to the women who are overlooked,
For the women who are told “they can’t because they are girls’’
For the women who are judged by their looks,
And told to cover up because their body is a distraction.

This goes out to all the people who are attracted to the same gender ;
For those of us who are bullied for who they love;
For the people who can't marry who they want to be with
All because of the people who are close minded.

This goes out to all the children who are neglected and mistreated
For the kids who cover their ears trying to drown out the sound of their parents yelling.
For the kids who show up to class with marks all over their arms and face
And for the kids who don't make it to see their 18th birthday.

This goes out to the dreamers
For the lonely stoner who self medicates alone in their room
For the misunderstood teens who are looked at as if they are trouble makers
For the people who just want to feel free and be themselves.

This goes out to the veterans who fought for our country
For the police who imprison the people who kill our neighbors
For the firemen who rescue civilians from burning buildings
And for the doctors who save our lives.

This goes out to the parents who have multiple jobs just to make ends meet
For the parents who struggle to provide food and shelter for their family
For the families who are just barely getting by,
And for the families who have nothing else left but hope.

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