Falling In Love

September 6, 2016
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You know, I never thought this would happen.

I've heard of love, sure,

But God, it is so much more than steadily whispered words ...

It is so much more than promises

And secrets

And those lifetime movie scenes with walks along some shoreline

and a bright blue background to accompany you ...

It's laying against his skin at 1 AM,

sweaty and out of breath -

every nerve ending tingling and sparking together,

where the sensitivity lights a fire between your souls.

It's seeing the color of his eyes

and the shape of his smile 

in every art piece you come across,

Praying to whoever sleeps in the sky that he 

never leaves your side.

This feeling ...

This emotion ...

This overwhelming wave of pure innocence that encompasses

my being,

feeling like the stars themselves have grazed against

my skin,

is impossible to match.

I've hardly breathed ... I swear it.

There's something about his voice,

to where I can feel my lungs shouting in anarchy against 

my body

By the nicotine laced persuasion

that drips from his lips.

God ...

What is wrong with me?

I've heard that love is blind,

But is it really this powerful?

I can't see in this darkness of invested souls.

My stomach aches at the thought of his touch -

My skin trembling at the memory of his lips

pressed against mine ...

And as the sky lays to bed amongst her cloud lovers

and the moon arouses in jealousy, I understand.

Love is so much more than love.

It is beyond comprehension,

to the point that colors I've never seen before

appear at the peak of his smile.

And the world seems so much more calmer,

so serene,

so very alive.

My God ...

What has he done to me?

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adventuregirl24331 said...
Sept. 15, 2016 at 12:32 pm
wow pretty nice
dya.o replied...
Sept. 27, 2016 at 1:26 pm
Thank You! :)
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