my faith

September 6, 2016
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I believe in my friends;

I believe in my brothers,
I rely on my mother;
I have faith in my family, and friends.

I believe in stopping bullying,
I believe in women’s right to create equality,
I believe in stopping all the wrongs in today’s society;
I have faith in many generations to come.

I believe people deserve a home no matter the cost,
I believe poverty- stricken people need help in their life,
Endless rays beaming down sizzling the unfortunate who don’t possess cool, clean icey drinks to keep them down,
I believe we need more jobs to help society,
I have faith in in United states.

I believe in stopping poverty,
I believe in world peace and no war ;
Life would be a cool breezy day with only sunshine penetrating past the darkness,
I believe in people’s  freedom;
Like a waterfall flowing endless with no barrier
I believe in a world with no sex trafficking,
More frolicing would fill  this world other than hostility
I have faith in humanity to work together.

I believe we can all unit,
I believe we have a brighter future to come,
I believe we can make a home for everyone;
I have faith we can make the world great again.

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