A Mellifluous Medley

September 5, 2016
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Blue waves
a sandy shoreline
And Footprints

These Coexist to educate
To educate those who seek hidden meanings
Meanings that often remain unseen

Closer inspection of
The waves
The shoreline
The footprints
can bring one closer to the meaning of Life.

These three wonders work
In whimsical ways
To express a theme
A theme of being Memorable

A shoreline can be seen as others' lives
The waves as years
The footprints as impressions

As one strolls on the shoreline
Footprints are created
The waves then slowly fill the footprints

The footprints are eventually all filled with sand
But the deeper the imprint
The more waves it takes.

When walking on a shoreline,
Leave deep footprints
So that they can remain for as many waves as possible

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