Make Yourself Happy

September 4, 2016
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Make yourself happy,

even if it means being different

and stepping outside

of your own chalk outline

and stepping outside

of your pertained box.

Be who you want to be

make your life what you can

while you can.

You want to like girls

you want to like boys,

even if you're a guy or a girl,

that's fine,

your making yourself happy.

You want to be a guy

or you want to be a girl

and that wasn't your born gender,

do it!

it's making you happy.

You want to get in front of hundreds of people

and share your views

of what the world has become

and how we should fix it,

seize it

and do it

because you're happy.

You want to fall in love,

and have a family,

and a successful job,

and a happy life,

be my guest

do it,

make yourself happy.

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