September 1, 2016
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She was six years old and afraid of the dark
I was six years old and afraid to go home
She was six and she knew she was loved
I was six and hid in my room from the yelling

She was ten and wanted to be a pilot, an astronaut, a chef
I was ten and wanted to be gone
She was ten and had more friends than I could even count
I was ten and hoping someone figure out

She was happy, I was not
I never learned how to swallow a pill for fear of what I could do if I had the power 
I fear pain and hate blood, thank God or I might have some stories written on my arms and legs with red ink.

I keep myself shut up in my room
She is out with her friends
I cry at night
She cries in the light
She trusts others
For me it takes time
To let people in and see what I hide

You could say that I have nothing to be sad over
That people are starving and dying
Everything looks alright from the outside
I try my best for it to look like that
I’m a great actress
I make people believe i’m actually happy
But truth is
I’m untitled and there is no going back        

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