Self Destruct

August 31, 2016
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No One Sees The Pain That's There
Hidden Under Those Long Sleeves
Hidden Under That Fake Smile
To Think That A Blade Is Her Bestfriend,
And Her Body Is The Enemy
When She Looks In The Mirror ..
All She Does Is Cry
She Hates Herself
And She Says It Proudly With The Waves Of Tears Rolling Down Her Cheek
Everyday She Puts On This Pretty Smile ,
Don't Be Fooled Though.. Underneath That Smile Is A Sad Face
She's Hurtin And No One Knows It

The Blood Runnin Through Her Veins, Her Heart Beats .. But She's Not Alive
She's A Corpse Of A Lost Soul
Like A Zombie; Dead To The World

The Inevitable Pain She Feels Is Nothing Compared To The Pain In Her Heart..
Yes It Beats But She Lives With It Damaged

Walking This World Like She Free, Though She's Not..
Chains Hang Off Her Wrist , Struggling To Be Set Free...
The Blood Drips..
She's A Corpse Of A Lost Soul

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