Beyond the River

September 2, 2016
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Every night the secrets burn

inside my head.

I toss and turn 


in my bed. 


run through my mind, 

things no person wants to find. 

The secrets of my community, 

every loss and opportunity.

So go on


nothing's wrong;

when I finally release 

all your wonderings will cease.

Am I a hero for trying 

to  B

the system, 

entrusting secrets

to all who will listen? 

A river runs outside my house 

hiding secret worlds I know. 

The rain, the hail, the snow,

the feelings we lost long ago. 

Something called love 

Something called fear 

Something called pride

Seeming so far yet so near—

the river never crossed 

except in my dreams,

the lives which were lost 

to nightmarish things.

Secrets, secrets; 

Who wants them?

Better yet 

Who can handle them? 

The more you know 

the more you grieve;

The darker it is 

the more you see. 

Secrets, secrets 

stay confined 

hidden in the prison 

called my mind.

It's an honor, they said.

But now I see 

we're living dead. 

Secrets, secrets; 

just you and me. 

But I grow weary of being confined 

I'll go to that river, that other side.

Secrets, secrets 

Now unleashed


What was silenced finally speaks. 

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