September 2, 2016
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Drunk on liveliness,
high on golden brown eyes.
Vitality has never tasted so sweet!
Swallow some more,
let the words on my tongue burn up
before they have a chance to escape.
Toxic vigor, the only initiative I have to
drag myself through this day:
for I am radioactive.
Every letter spills out like poison.
My artificial spirit will soon run out of fuel,
the erratic needle of my cognition spinning rapidly
with every smile I fake.
But I am positively giddy!
My corrupted sense of self stretches
beyond my current comprehension.
For I am nothing more than a fad.
Take me like a shot,
but before the night is gone,
I will be nothing but a virus,
running through your veins,
Aching for a way out.
Stumbling down seventh street,
each step sinking in emotional quicksand.
But I’m only cold-blooded.
Tomorrow, when the streets bounce, I won’t.
For I have already collapsed.
And nobody remembers
A dead battery.

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