Why I am disgusting

September 2, 2016
By , london, KY

I feel disgusting because of you. 

I want to remove my tongue, you forced it to say so many horrid things.

Your tongue intertwined with mine, kissing me, like a deadly snake. It makes my mouth feel disgusting. 

My body feels disgusting. 

You put your hands nearly everywhere, and I want to forget how it felt for you to touch me, so I don't shake and claw at my skin when I think. My sides feel misshaped from you constantly putting your arm around them. 

My hands feel mutilated from you holding them and restricting them. 

My lower back feels disgusting. You constantly grabbed at, "My Huge A**" and it was your favorite part of me. 

You cursed my brain, because who wants an intellectual girlfriend.

I feel as though there are vermin inside me, thanks to you.

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