a whole new world

September 1, 2016
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I woke up today

To a whole new world,

A world that is more accepting

Of people like me.


I woke up today,

To a world of possibilities

And successes that were never available to me

Before today.


I woke up to a world

With confetti covering the streets,

And streamers covering the trees.

They're celebrating

The new possibilities
And positivities.


I woke up to a whole new world,

Where race is forgotten,

Gender is gone,

Prejudice is put on a shelf and forever forgotten.


I woke up to a world

Where Muslums and Catholics

Held hands

And handed olive branches to one another.


I woke up to a whole new world

The moment I fell asleep,

Drifted into a dream

And went to a place deep within me.

And when I close my eyes to sleep,

That is what I see.

And maybe

This dream will become our reality. 

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