September 1, 2016
By lenapark BRONZE, Cypress, California
lenapark BRONZE, Cypress, California
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It hurt to look at her

not because of the way she looks at her new love

not because of the thousands of memories

that flashed by in my head

but because of the journey it took me on to the dark times.

It was like taking a train

to Depression Lane

but only looking as a passerby.

It still haunts me like a sinister ghost.

But as the train stops and lets passengers off

I sit there waiting to arrive where I am now.

The best version of me.

The one who doesn’t look back.

The one who is truly happy.

The author's comments:

After I went through a tough break up, I was inspired to write about it because it had been a positive experience for me. I learned what it meant to be truly happy with yourself and actually love yourself. 

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