September 1, 2016
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The orange hue hit the washed out white wall.
The slowing beats fill the room.
I look to my side, she was so peaceful.
I couldn't stop myself from wondering why?
How could she know this is the end and not be scared out of her mind.
This is what death felt like
Muggy, dark, and calm.
There are stripes of color in the room.
Blues, and purples
They are faded too
How many times has these colors seen people die?
How many lives have been saved?
I can barely breathe, and my mind is fogged.
They told me it wouldn't end like this.
But now I start to see a new color.
This color is pure, and brighter than any other color I have seen. 
It feels warm.
It consumes the sunrise on the wall.
It consumes the stripes around me.
It consumes me.
And it is quiet. 

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