What is Your Source of Happiness?

August 31, 2016

Happiness. The feeling of pleaurse and contentment. What deos it mean to me? At what times do I feel it? Who delivers me this feeling? This is a word that diserves it's own dictionary for it's various definitions. Happiness is newly discovered candle scents to mist through out your home as a reminder of the moments you desired the most in life. Happiness is walking across the boarderline into a new, adventuristic destination. You discover the poeple that are showered with the kindness that the joyful citybrings upon them. You notice the establishments the establishments with the fruity pastries with the satisfying bite an the hand crafted coffe with that delightfl warmth it brings to your hearts front door. Happiness is sitting the untouched sand of a blank beach with the salted water damping the tips of your toes as you're watching the sun diminish with the heart-melting colors to wish them goodbye. The scenary gives you reasurrance that life is worth living. Life is beautiful if yo spend it the right way. Happiness is a powerful feeling with abounding orgins. What is your source of happiness?

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