A Wretched Emotion

August 31, 2016
By blackwhite BRONZE, Lutz, Florida
blackwhite BRONZE, Lutz, Florida
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Favorite Quote:

My scars on paper

I've ruined journals with this ink

Words as crooked as my heart

They'll smudge like my eyeliner when it rains


A hollow void of a soul

Winter is on repeat, I miss fall like I miss the pain

A weed amongst the flower bed

My parents will never understand 

When can I shrink and seep?

Back down into the pits of hell


Nostalgia is my most prized possession 

Other than that, numb

Drowned by the angel of death

Their wings whisk away my fleeting breath


The death of a star

Light dead by a million years

You were watching the ghost of something

I've been dead since I entered this wasteland

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