New Slaves

September 1, 2016
By cpoer BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
cpoer BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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No, we are not being whipped, or walking in chains
New slaves are bound mentally attacking our brains
The way they let us know hurts
They say black people are only good for entertainment and sports
And i may aspire to be an author, scholar, or actor
But, they'll never let me win an oscar
They say control your people
These protests borderline treason
But the thing is
America has never used peace to gain its freedom
And can someone explain to me
How the cia destroyed the black panther party condemning it as Wrong
But the Ku Klux Klan is still going strong
Some have traded their hoods for badges and a salute
Legally killing my brothers and sisters, trying to keep a Movement mute
Since when is the only punishment for murder a lawsuit
Since when can you fire you weapon because you were Intimidated by height
Since when can you kill someone claiming it's because of a Taillight
Since when can you choke someone out in broad daylight
Sorry, I seem to have forgotten, slaves don't get any rights

The author's comments:

Every day I reap the effects of slavery and segregation. The recent killings of unarmed black people is outrageous and had inspired me to write poetry about it.

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