August 31, 2016
By brynai17 BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
brynai17 BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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The first time I met you,

I was blinded by your darkness

Still I stuck around,

Because I knew the world was heartless

For a while, your frozen heart

Relieved my feverish skin

And for a while,

You hid it well,

The broken glass within

But everything that's in the dark

Will always come to light

And it wasn't long

Before you started giving up the fight

I tried to take the knife out of your hand to save your life

But soon realized

I was the only one that was getting sliced

You sunk the blade into my bones

And left it there to dry

All I could do was watch,

As there was no time to cry

I found out you were as heartless

As the world I tried to avoid

All I was to you

Was a single broken toy

I was one of many

I found out as you threw me away

You stuffed the words down my throat

While I begged you to stay

Now all I have left of you

Is the hilt of a bloody knife

And all you have left of me

Is my stolen life.

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