Rely on

August 30, 2016
By Anonymous

The situation your in could get better. But thats all up to you. You could choose to hate the ones that love you or, you could open up your heart like they did to you. Trusting them wont be easy, thats something you need to work on. Loving them is harder knowing that there your mom or dad. But hating them is worst cause your not always promised a bed. You see them on the weekends sometimes more sometimes less. You hug them you kiss them like you haven't seen them in years. But the truth to us foster kids is that waiting isn't a big deal. We've waited this long how much farther do we have to come to be with them full time and to have all of this done!  I know your done with the court,all the drama all the lies. But if you want the truth life always seems to fly by. It doesn't seem to stop for that perfect moment or thats what you think. You walk on the lies that they all tell you but if you look down you around is crumbling beneath your feet! You wonder why and its cause these lies no longer apply! The truth is hard to except cause no ones ever told you it before. If you look up, look at the blue sky your control of the clouds that pass by. They can be filled with hate and sorrow or they can be filled with all of the love even tomorrows. Although tomorrow isn't promised and todays almost done you need to think of all the love the was never passed on.Sometimes you need to open up your eyes to see all the pain  that they of through everyday just to keep you safe just to put a smile on your face. I know there not the mom and dad you would hope you spent your life with. But sometimes in the most complicated way playing the silliest of games you realize sometimes a copy is better then an original not a plane old copy but a copy that will always be the one you will rely on.

The author's comments:

This poem is about about foster care and will hopefull help foster kids 

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