One man

August 30, 2016
By JoshMc BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
JoshMc BRONZE, Desert Hot Springs, California
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In this world i am but a man 

one who doesn't understand 

why having a perfect life is banned 

but it's makes sense everybody knows 

the struggle of trying to make a few cents

family takes care of the struggle to increase the love

for one another and the man up above 

love is powerful

it gives people might

and encourage them to fight 

for what we know is right 

but there's hate and the rage in our hearts 

you know what seperates us 

and tears us apart 

the qualities are well know 

both equally shown 

but which one do you have the pride to call your own 

just pick a side 

and stick with it 

no babying and thowing a fit 

because your personality they fit. 

The author's comments:

People makes their own decisions in life 

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