Lost Lovers From War

August 30, 2016

Lost lovers of war


Men she never loved


They take her back


Call her their own


But her heart is somewhere else


Her mind is far away


She only thinks of days to come


When he'll be back 


Without his gun


She doesn't check the mail


For fear of the inevitable


But sends him letters


Of her deep love and passion


While kissing another man


She goes on dates


She holds their hands


But only she knows she'd rather be


With the other man


The one who told her


He had to leave


He had to fight for her


And our country


She didn't know when he'd be back


And couldn't be alone


So other men, she took their hands


And played them easily


But her heart wasn't in it


No one could tell


She knew she wasn't happy


With other men


But she knows no better


That the man that left really was


Her lover


From War

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