The World We Live

August 30, 2016

We live in a world of damnation
A world in need of salvation
We hung a man on the cross with no accusation
So through Christ we’d become a new creation

We live in a world corrupted by greed
We take what we want not what we need
We always bite the hand that feeds
Then back away as the hand starts to bleed

We live in a world so godless so thoughtless
Never realizing that our God has bought us
But even as we stray He has not lost us
We will always feel the love that He’s brought us

We live in a world full of darkness and sin
We’re broken and bent ‘til the bitter end
We’re always pulled into the evil of men
From the very second that we first begin

We live in a world made out of fear
As we reach out to take what is dear
We’re feeling his presence knowing He’s near
But we’re never truly seeing things clear

We are blinded by darkness and the ways of the Devil
Always sinking down to a lower level
Those who believe will live in God’s temple
Because we are the ones yes we are the rebels

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