I am Alone.

August 29, 2016

Wandering an abyss

Of cold

Of bleak

Wind brewing from peak to peak

They pull me

Away from myself

Into my other side

Where true fears hide

Now hollow

And dormant

Slowly awakening

Bit by bit

My facade is withering away

No longer

To conceal

The hollow within me

That they all disregard

I am alone out here

I speak to myself

And only I answer

For no one else listens

To the ramblings

Of an outsider

A stranger

Who wanders alone

Seeming strong


Truly Broken

Truly Sorrowed

Truly Alone

Truly Different

Without a home

A failure in the eyes of many

A genius in the eyes of a few

A lost opportunity

In the eye

Of themself

I look for others

Such as myself

There are none.

Abyssal colors

They darken

They wither

To shades of midnight

Without beauty

Just like me

Once had potential

To be spectacular

Disappointing in the eyes of many

But glorious in the eyes of artists

Of Geniuses

Of People

That I want to be

I wish to be

That I very well, may be.

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