meadow (angiosperms and body)

August 29, 2016

you put flowers in my ocean hair
and we named all the bees
squinting, sunflower in the sky,
we found our castle in the clouds.
dreams came,
touching down to earth's crust,
fleeting moments like these
stick around a lifetime;
you've not the faintest idea but
the mischief in your dimples
hurts my cheeks just as sweetly.
your breath is a fairy's whistle,
cinnamon and daffodils, darling,
you smell like music notes and sleep.
gleaming, the ambition
of going with you
anywhere, everywhere,
caramel lily pads,
the way you touch me
i don't think
i've ever known
such tenderness.
you say to me
my absurd atrocities
only make you love me
a little more.
your ostentatious tendencies,
green creativities,
you must be an apparition
because your face is the singular
heart stopper
neck breaker
pulse racer.
kissing is elation, my
detachment from reality
and the way you say my name
makes the world seem
easily conquerable.
(i know you will never leave
my head, my heart.)
alas, parting is much dreaded
preferring to stay
intertwined, daisy chain,
legs and arms.
grass waves farewell
and my hands,
suddenly so much colder
without their companion.
missing you is a purple bruise
it aches
yet it feels oddly good to hurt
for you.

je vais te voir encore.

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