love you madly

August 29, 2016

i want to.
the guster of vertigo
when eyes like trees
take lolita fingertips
between lips that could start wars.
you are
my 110 happiness
a limerick,
an exhale of startling clarity-
yellow reminds me of you.
periphery imaginations
raspy complaints crawl
back down my throat
(to die)
and i am left with
cyclones of noxiousity
pulsating heart
clearer mind
and a shuddering,
lightheaded weightlessness.
laughter, unassuming
your careless emotion,
is undeniably infectious.
the sky, an
unequivocal curiosity
in which i have
discarded past falsities
for this daydream, lover.
you are my
impossible infatuation
making up for
ignorant summer days.
automne arrive si tranquillement,
feuilles tombent si rapidement,
a wind blown romance
guitar notes, lullabies
singing softly into
dreamless night skies.
there is nothing i miss.
a compatibility
with insanity,
cinnamon freckles that flash under
your boyish
ultraviolet gaze---
restrain me.
you bring back memories
i haven't even made yet.
there is nothing i love more madly
than you.

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