What I See

August 29, 2016

Somedays I can be happy,

Somedays I want to be alone,

Some nights I sleep straight through my alarm

Some nights I cry until the darkness is gone

Sometimes I think I am the only one

Sometimes I see that there's a thousand people just like me

One Day, I'll be free

One Day, I'll be me

One day, I won't be trapped by the expectations of family

One Day, I'll be left in peace

I see myself, a couple years from now.

Struggling and accomplishing my goals.

I see myself a couple days from now,

Caring and watching out for my siblings

I see myself tonight,

hiding and crying for the little girl I used to be

I see myself right now, watchin you read,

wondering what you think.

I saw myself yesterday, doing exactly what they say,

just waiting to break away and be free.

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