Drugs keep callin

August 29, 2016
By Eclipse199X BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
Eclipse199X BRONZE, Chicago Heights, Illinois
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Drugs keep callin

How do you kill me
When I’m already dead
Your words mean nothing
To those in my head
I wanna be a better me
But the drugs keep on callin’
Out of tune with myself
I’m slippin
I’m trippin
I’ve fallen

Living thru an intense need
My body dependence fills
Pills and weed
I bleed
Pushing thru an internal hell

I stay in the same stance
Thinkin bout those f***in xans
If everyone else fades
I’ll still have drugs
At the end of the day

They help me conquer demons
Cancel out all the lows
I’m coolin by my lonely
Dreaming of how to get mo

This addictions not too deep
Still in a position to break free
Not sure if that’s the move though
I fell in love
With school buses and gringos

Don’t wanna be addicted
Don’t wanna keep fallin’
It’s f***in hard to sleep at night
When the drugs keep on callin

The author's comments:

Breaking free from drug dependecy. 

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