Behind Bars

August 28, 2016
By mftvsigg BRONZE, Hlkh Hjhlhj, Georgia
mftvsigg BRONZE, Hlkh Hjhlhj, Georgia
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Its human nature for us to look at someone who's different than us
And think that they are somehow less significant than us.
This is the reason for slavery, racism, sexism, discrimination, prejudice,
And it's the reason we keep animals who are meant to roam free

In 1961 someone looked at a 20,000 lbs, complex mammal of the sea and said
“Well golly gee!”
“I think I will pick this thing up and put it in a tank the size of a cup.”
They were surprised when people got hurt.

Its Saturday August 20, 1994.
Honolulu, Hawaii trembles.
Not due to an earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane.
But from the bang of 86 gunshots fired at Tyke
An elephant who put up a fight
To escape a life of chains, and whips, and
Lonely Darkness.

We thought we ended slavery in 1963
But look around.
Your entertainment, your family bonding,
Your joy
Is nature's punishment.

We don't own these animals.
We kidnapped them.
This is the century.
WE are the generation.
Today is the day.
To send these mystical beings

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