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I'm nature

By , Lalitpur, Nepal

Hello? Is there anyone who can help me,

I'm dying. Can anyone hear me?

I was beautiful once upon a time,

When you were living a simple life

But now my own creations are destroying me,

With their inventions for luxuries,

They are sure to regret this action of their's,

'cause if I die, nothing will remain here,

I plead you to save me

Please, or you'll suffer badly

I'm your mother and you all are my child,

I don't get how you came to be wild,

Maybe I made some errors while creating you,

Errors, I made a lot, not one or two,

Even then I can give you a chance

If you still want to live happily and dance

In this lap of beautiful nature

Create a heavenly world my lovely creature. 

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