August 26, 2016
By Khudheeja SILVER, San Jose, California
Khudheeja SILVER, San Jose, California
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Each strand glows as though set afire

Limned in silver and turned to ash

That glinting charcoal like hidden desire 

Bright as sudden lightning's lash

It is the white light under a spectral moon

Full and round under a velvet sky 

Jagged pines gilded emerald-gray 

Their rustling moans like lovers' sighs

It is a flickering mane of icy flame 

Flowing as a rushing river

Glimmering bright as an unsheathed knife

A waterfall of molten metal

It is the smoky color of twilight 

When night embraces day

Hurried whispers and murmured secrets 

And the stars come out to stare

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