Rain Dance

August 25, 2016
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Rain dances with the wind
An icy cold slides across my skin
But colder still am i within
Loneliness that cries of have beens
Tear drops fallen on lovers skin
Crumpled up on the couch again

Let me show you the memories
Can't you see these cemeteries
These minefields of lies 
My heart that cuts ties
No leash
or tethers
As empty as fallen feathers
Is this my end

How do you learn to live
When this loneliness drags you down
To the depths of a hell
so dark and empty no soul could survive
Your blade cuts stonewalled heart
So cold and hollow do you stay
A body so vacant you must be dead
Yet here you are breathing

Do you know how it feels
Living in a body fighting for nobody
Mind tries to shut down
All controls revert
Brought in and taken out
Two hand same amount
No longer fighting to survive
But fighting your body to die

An unending hallway
Blackened so you can’t see
The monsters that haunt thee
It twists and turns like a monstrosity
An evil thing this life can be
This hallway ends in hell's abode
Six hundred and sixty six times
Have I traveled this dark and empty road

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