To Where the Truth Lies

August 23, 2016
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I’m you,
You are me,
Together we can cross anything,
Yes we can,
We go sliding down rocks,
Climbing up to new stories of adventure,
Hand in hand,
We sail across,
Ocean blue skies,
To where the truth lies,
Our safe place to land,?When the world caves in,
20 faces you know,
Where you finally can breathe because deep down you know,
They will hold your hand and guide you away from the hurt and to a place where you can define you,
You are smart,
You've got talent,
Don’t listen to anyone else from the outside world,
In the heart of the mountain,
You’ve got friends to guide you out,
Never forget the friendships you have made,
Will last you a lifetime,
You don't even care about the glitter in your hair,
The paint all around,
We rocked banquet so we don't care,
What would of been,
A stressful event,
Turned into love and care,
From everyone everywhere.

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