~The Black Hole~

August 23, 2016

For a while I thought I’d never have the feeling of happiness again. I thought I lost it all. But then I was in his arms. The feeling returned. My happiness was found. It gave me the feeling of my stomach being wound. The black hole in my life began to disappear. It was fading quickly. My happiness was over powering the darkness. I was happy the hole was so small because I was about to jump into the never ending.. no escape black hole. Then he appeared and told me it’d be alright, I’d be fine. My life got better day by day. I had backed away from the hole all because he was mine. But then he left me. The hole seemed to go back to it’s size before he held me in his arms the moment he told me it was over. He told me it’d be alright, I’d be fine I repeated to myself. But it wasn’t, I wasn’t. I was almost out of the darkness but he pushed me down the hole with a running start...

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