The Sky's Message

August 22, 2016
By Poetryboi BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Poetryboi BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I just want someone who appreciates the sky as much as I. There's such beauty in the sky. You just watch it slowly change...the different palette of colors...different shades of white and grey in the clouds...the way the sun hits you in the eyes...I love to listen to the sky. It doesn't say anything. It only listens. It's as if it's beckoning you...telling you to love one another. Have faith in the human race...believe in's what humans were made for. "Love can be as beautiful as me", the sky says.
It reminds me of a beauty that could beautiful it would be if we would all just look up at the sky and forget all of our problems. Forget the petty things that keep us apart and remember who we are and what brings us all together...

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