More and More

August 19, 2016

I fight, I live, I survive. But what's the point in living alone. I open my eye's, and there she is. The girl i bring to the end with. Hand in hand, heart to heart. This feeling is more real than the land in front of me. Her smile fills my body with warmth and the energy of a rabbit. I want more, I want her more. Hand on neck and lips to lips. Sharing the true feeling we have. It felt as tho life was a new and you were the only person ever. It was not just a kiss but a connection of true beauty and love. I want more. I want her more. Knee to floor hands up and ring in box. Her stare unlike anything known to mankind. Her smile so bright and big if fills the world with happiness. No words said, no words needed. I want more. I want her more. We stand here, a fork in the road. She wants one way and I will follow. She looks at me and says the final words ever heard "Bye..." She's gone, the one I spend more time with than anyone just gone. I chose to bring someone to the end with me. I chose wrong. I need to get there myself in full. May my heart heal and me to leave full of myself.

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