August 19, 2016

I am the winner.
If the winner takes it all
Why do I have nothing
If the winner takes it all
Why am I still empty
If I am the winner
Does that make me the best
Better than my peers
And everyone else
I am determined to succeed
I am determined to be the best
Challenge the smartest
And challenge myself
Why do I strive for success
Put this weight on my chest
And have nothing less
Than the best
And I cannot rest
Until I am first.
Who am I doing this for
My parents
My teachers
My peers
Why should I prove that
I'm good enough to be better
Why do I want to succeed
Well I'm sorry
Because I don't know the answer
I don't know why I want to succeed
I ask myself every day
And every night
Why do you try
Are you chasing success
Or running from failure
A word that you hear
And you know
That what you did isn't enough
Until it is you'll never stop
And when it is you'll be on top
Is trying your best and failing
Better than trying your hardest and succeeding
No, but
Trying you hardest and succeeding is great
But trying your best and failing is ok
I am not the winner
I don't need to be the winner to be happy
I need to be the winner to be the best
But will being the best make me happy?
Being second is ok
Being salutatorian is ok
99 is ok
I am not the best
But I am still a winner

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