everything was dark

August 19, 2016

Here I was, at my house planning, plotting my next attack, but there was one problem, everything was black. Staring into complete darkness even though it was day, walking with a guide even though I had legs. I planned this attack for days, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. My mind getting better and better, yet still in complete darkness. I planned his route with care, my plan with heart and my prize with greed. Each day I got greedier and greedier as my planned progressed and my mind got stronger and my plan got better. The day is coming for this attack, but the victim had no clue, my time had come. I followed my plan perfectly every step by step list I made replayed in my head, but there was a problem, everything was black. As I snuck in the house with just a stick to guide, I take it, a beautiful necklace or so I thought. I kept stuffing things into my bag yet I didn’t know what they were, but then I stopped, the sound of sirens in the background, the door getting kicked open and being told to throw my hands in the air, I had failed. I sit in a cell wondering why I tried or wanted this, but still everything was black. I get grabbed from my seat ad hear cell doors slam and lock, yet I could not see them.  Every day all the past months wasted, put into a cell for something I could have planned better, yet I could not see. Every noise and crackle startled me every footstep following me as if I could escape. I sit there and try to figure out where I am, but nothing was there. As I sit there and reflect on my past, recalling the last time I saw colors, people, and things. When I was ten I saw a beautiful roller coaster with pretty lights and music, just enjoying my day spending time with the family. I remember this huge ride, biggest in the park. I wanted to go on it so bad but my father wouldn’t let me. I went the whole day asking and asking and asking. They finally agreed to let me go on, it was a 2 hour wait but it was worth it. As we got closer and closer to the front I became excited and nervous at the same time. We finally reached the front and got on and were ready to speed off. We went up and down, in loops, upside down and ways you wouldn’t imagine. We approached this huge drop of the ride, but that’s where things went wrong. We went up and up and up waiting to reach the top and finally we dropped. Except this drop was different, the cart was not on the track. Every one screaming and praying but nothing was going to stop it and finally bam the cart stopped but now, everything was pitch black.

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