State of the World

August 19, 2016
By IlanaDavis24 PLATINUM, Rye, New York
IlanaDavis24 PLATINUM, Rye, New York
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The state of the world
Is in argument
For no one can come to an agreement
On whose state is whose
Or What each state's fate holds
England closes its channels and chunnels
In an attempt to stop fighting
By enacting new laws to shut down its borders
And so orders come in to
Write more laws
To right the wrongs
That terrorists made
But not all terrorists are Muslims
And not all Muslims are terrorists
Let them migrate
From the hell they call home
Because for years their governments have failed them and left them alone
And shot them and bombed them and tore apart families
And now the US is demanding
A ban on all Muslims
But Americans were all immigrants once
We were the Jews escaping the nazis
The Irish, the Chinese, escaping poverty
And Rio, the city of carnivale and beaches
Struggle to find the power to reach us
For they are too in poverty and corruption
And tot his I have to say it enough then
We are all one in the same,
Suffering and fighting again and again
We are all the same
So to fight one another would be a shame
For no man's freedom
Is another man's to claim

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