August 19, 2016
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M501athletic GOLD, USA, Other
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It is never too late to have a new dream- C.S. Lewis

                                              The Bang gets louder

                                             The door is shattered
                                             I hide behind the closet door
                                             He wants my diamond ring                                                  and nothing more
                                             Glass breaks
                                              My stomach aches
                                              My house will be ruined for                                                        goodness sake
                                              When I hear him enter the                                                             room
                                              I feel nothing but terrible                                                        doom
                                       “Come on out Lori Galore, I want                                          your ring and nothing more!”

                                         The ring can’t control when he is                                                             near
                                          But when he leaves night will be                                                           here
                                           It will work and he will be                                                          forever gone
                                            Unless there is fire then he has                                                                 won
                                             Fire and diamonds are not a                                                          good match
                                              But winter and diamonds will                                                     seal the patch

                                            I smell something burning and                                                soon I cannot breathe
                                            Smoke fills the air and then I                                                hear footsteps leave
                                            I come out from my hiding                                                        place and what do I see?
                                            My house is on fire! And I                                                        cannot go
                                           The fire hazard in front of the                                                  door causes me to go slow
                                            I move everything quickly and                                                         run outside
                                            He has left, so I won’t have to                                                       hide
                                             I sat on the grass and                                                       watched my house collide
                                            Then removing my hands from                                              my face, I look up, then cry

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